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Why SMS? "Australia has one of the highest uptake of text messaging in the world,
however few companies have established the ability for consumers to communicate with them via SMS.
This is despite a recent Frost and Sullivan report indicating that 85% of Australians
under 35 quoted SMS as their preferred communication channel."
So said Philip Jones, Executive Director, Data/IP and Enterprise Services, Telstra Product Management.

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It's easy.
All textit products are user friendly. Everything is clearly labeled. The relevant help section is on every page. It's clearly written, in ordinary terms and will guide you through the process quickly and easily. Nervous or stuck on something and you want to talk to someone? Call 1300 TEXTIT (839848). We provide unlimited training and support. We make text easy.

Message summary panel.
A user friendly colour coded console displays the most recent 25 inbound and outbound messages - making it clear and easy. It's all right there
in front of you. You don't have to click around to find messages you have sent and received. Our goal is to facilitate improved workflow.
Arrange a demonstration and see for yourself!

No downloads. No installations.
Textit applications run on the internet. You just have to login to a secure web page to use our products - as you do for web mail, online
banking etc... you don't need an IT department or degree in software management to access and use textit - it's easy. We won't cause your IT department sleepless nights and you don't have to wait to use the service, just login from any computer.

Delivery Tracking + Accountability.
All messages sent from the textit web console are tracked to the handset. If a handset is turned off or out of range, the message will be marked as undelivered until the phone is turned on or comes into range, and the message actually arrives at the handset. Delivery tracking provides an audit trail of all messages. Improve accountability and reduce errors. If accountability is an imperative in your business, textit is the only SMS solutions option. If you have mission critical messages and want accountability with reliability, you have found your solution - click here to get started.

We use the best quality SMS, the most reliable servers and an SMPP connection. No shortcuts here. The products are cutting edge. The service is first class. Call 1300 TEXTIT (839848) and tell us how you want to use text - or if you prefer, send us an email.

Send 1 or 10000 messages at once, and personalise them all - automatically. In one send all recipients will receive your message with their name added. If you require greater levels of personalisation, when sending to lists you can send up to four fields of custom data to individual recipients (eg. Name, Date, Time, Venue - different for every recipient, all sent at once).

There is a body of evidence that recipients of a message engage with the content to a greater degree if they are addresses by name in the message. If your message is relevant and useful, it will be welcome and noticed. Refine your database. Use what you know about your audience to better leverage your text messages. If you would like to use custom fields and you're not sure what's to do next, call us on 1300 TEXTIT (839848) or send an email and we will make it easy.

Address Book.
Our textit Messaging product includes an address book system that allows you to organise contacts into meaningful groups - making it easier to text who you want, when you want. One click to send to the whole group - one more click and they all receive a personalised message - at once.

Message Templates.
Save regularly sent message templates and access them with one click.

Business-use SMS.
All textit products are designed specifically for business use. The interface is intuitive, enhances workflow, and will save you time and money. We don't do spam. Recreational users will not slow down your business communication. Business is our priority.

The textit team is happy to provide any assistance you require - at any time - just call 1300 TEXTIT (839848) and talk to someone who will help. Our support is unlimited. You call: we answer. We support everything from helping you get started on your first day, through to assisting in creation of an SMS Marketing Campaign. Support is available via telephone - 1300 TEXTIT (839848) or email. You choose: we support.

2-Way Service.
If you use textit Messaging, textit Marketing, textit Respond or textit Interact, you are assigned your own mobile number - it's like having a virtual SIM card. You can publish your number and receive SMS from anyone, anywhere, anytime. You don't have to initiate contact. There is no 'keyword' requirement - you don't share your number, and you receive all incoming messages. All messages sent to you cost the sender their usual carrier charges - not a 'premium' rate.

Message Forward Function.
If you use textit Messaging you can forward incoming messages to a designated mobile handset. Turn message forward on and off with one click.

Message History.
A message history is provided. It's free, easy to access and easy to understand. There is a built in search function - so you can find any sent or received message without any fuss.

Comprehensive reports for your textit products are easily accessed online. View as a web page or download as a spreadsheet - it's easy - and it's your choice. Those of you using custom fields can analyse your data to a greater degree - and we're happy to help if you are interested in learning more.

Australian Networks.
All textit products use SMS that are delivered to all Australian networks, with an Australian timestamp. We only use SMS that will be delivered to ALL handsets on ALL networks. This includes the 30%+ ported mobile phones (that's mobile services that have changed Telco / carrier) estimated to be currently active in Australia. We track EVERY text to the handset.

Automatic OptOut.
If you use textit Messaging, textit Marketing or textit Interact to send bulk SMS marketing messages, you must by law provide an OptOut function. All textit products include access to our Auto OptOut software. When a recipient replies STOP (not case sensitive), they are dynamically added to your OptOut list. Subsequent messages sent to that number will not be delivered . unless/until the number is manually removed from your OptOut list.

160 or 320 Characters.
If you use textit Marketing you can send 160 or 320 character messages. For 320 character messages, the message is dynamically divided and sent as two messages. It's called concatenation. and it's easy.

Our technology.
We have developed our software specifically for business use. Our charter is that our products are user friendly, intuitive, business focused and facilitate improved workflow. We use SMPP for a faster, more reliable SMS carriage. We use SMPP because it's the bees' knees.

Message Schedule.
If you use textit Managed Services, textit Marketing or textit Interact, you can choose the hour/date your message is sent. You don't have to be
sitting at your computer to send your message - consider your audience and act appropriately.

Bulk Threshold Validation Code.
If you are sending bulk marketing messages with textit Marketing or textit Interact, you can have a bulk validation set. This means that for peace of mind, you can request that SMS sends over a nominated number of recipients require the addition of a code (like a password) to be scheduled or sent. The code is provided as an SMS to a nominated mobile handset.

Polls, Multiple Choice Surveys and Questionnaires.
If you use textit Interact, you can conduct Y/N polls, A B C or D multiple choice surveys and ask questions that require a freeform response. Functionality includes auto response (two different responses available with freeform questions) sent back to respondents to reward and encourage participation. You can choose to include current relevant statistics eg. A 23% B31% C45% D 1% - calculated on the fly - in your reply text. Now that is amazing!

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  Why SMS?
"Australia has one of the highest uptake of text messaging in the world, however few companies have established the ability for consumers to communicate with them via SMS. This is despite a recent Frost and Sullivan report indicating that 85% of Australians under 35 quoted SMS as their preferred communication channel."
So said Philip Jones, Executive Director, Data/IP and Enterprise Services, Telstra Product Management.


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