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Find out what text messages can do for your business with textit Managed Services. If you want to direct your SMS campaign, we can dot the i's, cross the t's, broadcast your message, and provide a comprehensive report. If you don't want to learn another piece of software, textit Managed Services is for you. If you are in a fix and need to get a message out FAST, textit Managed Services can help.

Connect to your audience with SMS. Send us your list, tell us what you want to say, when you want to say it, and we'll take care of the rest. It's EASY! At the completion of your campaign, we provide a comprehensive report. textit Managed Services are so affordable that you can send regular offers, updates and invitations to your database.

Most people welcome the immediacy and convenience of SMS. textit Managed Services respects privacy by including an Automatic Opt Out feature. The list management system ensures messages will never be sent to recipient's who have opted out. Our software complies with anti-spam legislation as per the Spam Act 2003. With textit Managed Services you get expertise, service, quality and results.

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Product Features

It's easy. With textit Managed Services, you can have as little or as much involvement with the text as you like. The textit team will do whatever is required - format data, suggest message content and how to get the most out of your text, offer tips and feedback, and of course, send the message at the time of your choosing. You will receive a report of all available data from your SMS activity. We make text easy.

Personalisation options. Send 1 or 10,000 messages at once, and personalise them all. In one send all recipients will receive your message with their name added. If you require greater levels of personalisation, when sending to lists you can send up to four fields of custom data to individual recipients (eg. Name, Date, Time, Venue - different for every recipient, all sent at once). There is a body of evidence that recipients of a message engage with the content to a greater degree if they are addresses by name in the message. If your message is relevant and useful, it will be welcome and noticed. Refine your database. Use what you know about your audience to better leverage your text messages. If you would like to use custom fields and you're not sure what's to do next, call us on 1300 TEXTIT (839848) or send and email and we will make it easy.

Automatic Opt out management. Allowing your recipients to 'opt out' is an important consideration. Sending unsolicited messages contravenes good business principles and is against the law. The textit software will automatically record an inbound message to your textit account with the keyword 'stop' (not case sensitive). Opt out numbers are kept in a separate list and checked off against the recipient list when a new textit message is sent. The Opt Out Report shows the opt out list for the purpose of list management.

Delivery Tracking + Accountability. All messages sent by textit are tracked to the handset. If a handset is turned off or out of range, the message will be recorded as undelivered until the phone is turned on or comes into range, and the message actually arrives at the handset. Delivery tracking provides an audit trail of all messages. Our reports detail the precise time messages arrived in the recipient handset.

Quality. We use the best quality SMS, the most reliable servers and an SMPP connection. No shortcuts here. The products are cutting edge. The service is first class. Call 1300 TEXTIT (839848) and tell us how you want to use text - or if you prefer, send us an email.

Schedule send. We can send message at any hour, any day. Our messages go out when you want then to. That way, your audience will receive your message at the time/date of your choosing.

Time Critical. Situations arise when a fast response is critical to your operation. Last minute cancellations. Unusual weather events. Unforseen and unplanned disruptions. textit appreciates the difficulties in such circumstances. We will work with you to get your time critical message out to your database as soon as possible. In most instances, if you call us, and can provide a correctly formatted list, we can have your emergency broadcast out within an hour. Time critical SMS won't cost you any more than if you had organised it months in advance - we appreciate that sometimes it has to be done now!

Comprehensive Report. A comprehensive report is provided at the end of the campaign. It contains: Name of Campaign, Date of Send / Campaign, Total SMS sent, Total SMS received at the handset, OptOuts - how many and the handset numbers, List of 'undeliverable' and / or 'dead' numbers, & we detail all other replies received.

160 or 320 character message. For texts of more than 160 characters, you can send concatenated messages (split in two text messages and delivered simultaneously) of up to 320 characters.

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"Australia has one of the highest uptake of text messaging in the world, however few companies have established the ability for consumers to communicate with them via SMS. This is despite a recent Frost and Sullivan report indicating that 85% of Australians under 35 quoted SMS as their preferred communication channel."
So said Philip Jones, Executive Director, Data/IP and Enterprise Services, Telstra Product Management.


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